• Send service pushes and reminder notifications to keep in touch with customers

    Maintain continuous and effective interaction with customers

    Timely notification and reminder customer

    Send service and reminder notifications to customers in a timely manner to keep in touch with customers

    Timely notification of marketing activities

    Actively send the latest event information to customers to reach the target population in a timely and effective manner, Increase conversion rate

    Improve customer experience

    Send care and reminders to customers at festivals, member birthdays and other nodes, and communicateprocess, creating experiences that customers value

    Collect feedback to improve customer satisfaction

    Send service research requests, collect customer feedback, improve product services, and improve Customer Loyalty

    Create a great customer experience

    Global compliance

    Regular telecommunications license, quickly reach more than 200+ countries and regions Local operator with low-latency and highly reliable global communication interaction plan

    Extremely fast reach, high reach rate

    Support simple API/international standard SMPP protocol docking, global department Deploy multi-point access to ensure access speed and support rich channel resources source, ensuring a high arrival rate

    real-time analysis

    Visually track the conversion data in all directions, and send the data automatically The summary is simple and clear, and the data module helps to analyze and adjust the strategy. Timely data statistics, and provide rich data tracking solutions

    Security Privacy

    The platform supports HTTPS/SSL docking encrypted transmission, and adopts automatic Dynamic disaster recovery mechanism, redundant backup, data desensitization preservation, guaranteCustomer data security

    All walks of life can use SMS to effectively interact with customers


    Send event reminders, benefit claim, subscription notifications and other personalized notifications to users messages to increase user activity.


    The latest activities, special offers reach customers in a timely manner, at key points in the order Your customers send payment notifications, logistics information, refund notifications and other messages, While improving the order conversion rate, let customers have a perfect delivery experience.


    Send timely notifications about account balances, repayment reminders, suspicious transactions, etc. Send instant messages for account registration and service activation, quick verification of funds Financial customers to ensure additional security measures are in place.


    Send game clients at the right time based on the player's life cycle Notifications such as points events, new game launch, game updates , and benefits and other information to improve player stickiness.

    logistics industry

    Communicate with customers in a timely manner, notify the pickup location, make an appointment for pickup time, and provide High pickup efficiency, prompting customers delivery time, delivery staff information and delivery Items, sign receipt notice, avoid customer property damage. Improve logistics company efficiency and streamline the delivery process.

    Provide better SMS notification service for enterprises

    4 steps to access

    Register an account

    Generate access after successful registration Authentication Key and Key

    Protocol configuration

    Support international standard SMPP protocol, while open API HTTPS interface

    Serve test

    Simulate a real environment Consecutive tuning to help avoid large Amount of Unknown Contingency


    Submit sending tasks, real-time push status report


    Start now and establish effective communication with customers

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