• iOS certificate online detection

    Want to check the certificate expiration time? User feedback cannot be downloaded and installed? for you online whether the iOS certificate is normal

    Please enter a short link to the download address of Pgyer
    Please upload the iOS certificate and mobileprovision that needs to be tested

    click and select files or drag files to this area

    (support cer, p12, PEM format certificates)

    Click to select a file or drag and drop files to this area

    (supports mobileprovision format files)

    p12 certificate file password:

    test result

    certificate status

    certificate name:

    expiration time:

    mobileprovision status:

    mobileprovision expiration time:

    Sign type:

    certificate status:

    certificate name:

    expiration time:

    Application name:

    Need to save or batch check certificate status? Click here.
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